The Week in Reviews


ETA (feat. Eddington Again x Tomemitsu) – ‘Dyin (goin thru it)’ (TRACK PREMIER)
This song is like the cowboy from Mulholland Drive writ musical: all the tropes are there and we recognise what he is, but also that he isn’t, and it’s the same sense of the uncanny all through ‘Dyin (goin thru it).’ The drum machine gallops along, and ETA’s vocals/lyrics are very much within that grim-country style that basically defines Michael Gira’s post-Swans career;* but we hear it through Tomemitsu’s** flanged-out guitar, a damp reverb, and some heavily auto-tuned backing vocals that seem to use the tempo only as a guideline (albeit held together and made coherent by the metronomic backbeat). This is country music lit by fluorescent light. Morricone meets Neubauten. The Firstborn is Dead with an 808. ETA seems to be pushing the very idea that this is a country song to the limits of processing and abstraction. Like in Eddington Again’s feature, which plays out like one of Lomax’s prison songs, sped up and over a beat that you would never hear in the old field recordings. Or in the organ solo that it leads into as well, which is jazzy and strange but works to great effect. And that’s really the crux of it: the weirdness of ‘Dyin (goin thru it)’ works. It manages to synthesise its ambitions for newness and its influences into something decidedly fresh and new. In other words, while you might have heard the parts that make up ‘Dyin (goin thru it)’ before, you’ve never heard ‘Dyin (goin thru it).’

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Photo: Tony Manis

*Funnily enough, Gira plays the cowboy.
** It’s worth noting that Tomemitsu recently put out a strong LP of his own, called Loaf Eye



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