The Week in Reviews (4-11 Feb, 2016)


Judge to Meek: “No Music for 90 Days”
Though it is arguably a decent outcome for Meek—in that he avoids going to prison again (after having been found guilty late last year for parole violations)—his minimum of 90 days house arrest wherein he can’t perform or release new music, followed by another 6 years of probation, is certainly not ideal, even if we put the Philadelphia rapper’s (re)heated beef with Drake aside. Despite the Judge’s assertions to the contrary, these new conditions feel like a stitch-up on the part of the court to get Meek back in prison, and one wonders if there was anything better for them to do than to play antagonist to Meek. Philadelphia journalist and ex-social worker Jeff Deeny put it best:

Is Meek Mill a threat to public safety today? What probation should be considering, dispassionately. I don’t think they can make that case…Which means they should stop wasting resources, time and tax money, just fucking his life up on some quixotic judge’s respectability quest.

Lil B(oomin’) Incoming
Before most have listened to the 63-track Thugged Out Pissed Off (a release so good it’s been our album of the month for two months) all the way through, the BasedGod has seen fit to share a rare studio photo, promising new music with rap’s current hottest producer, Metro Boomin’, on the beats. Here’s hoping for a Future or Young Thug feature.

Ye and Bey go big
Kanye and Beyoncé both treated their large and manic fanbases to spectacular releases this week. Beyoncé crashed the Superbowl with her new single ‘Formation’, complete with a fierce video that angered reverse-racism police-sycophants and set Azealia Banks on a Twitter spree. Kanye sold out Madison Square Garden to release his new record alongside a fashion collection and swags of merch. The Kardashians donned fur, Frank Ocean lurked in the shadows, Kanye passed Young Thug the aux cord, and perhaps most impressively Tidal held it together. Whatever your thoughts about the music (which on first impressions is quality from both artists) the rollout for both releases felt unusually momentous and slick for the leak-prone internet age.

10-2-2006: RIP Dilla
We’d like to recommend two mixes to commemorate the passing of producer/rapper J Dilla ten years ago. The first is a Flying Lotus joint recorded the day of Dilla’s death, and the second is by the LA-based DJ, Kronika. These say more than we could about the The Innovator than we ever could.


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