The Week In Reviews  (1-7 Jan, 2016)  


Kanye West dropped some ‘FACTS’
In what is the weakest of his pre-SWISH releases, ‘FACTS‘ is Ye hopping on the ‘Jumpman’ flow (more or less) on a Metro Boomin beat to make fun of Nike, Steve Harvey, and Bill Cosby. If you haven’t heard it, its worth hearing once, but don’t expect it to scratch your Kayne itch.

Chris Brown Allegedly Hit Another Woman

It’s a bit disheartening to see that despite Chris Brown’s assertions that he’s changed, that when a woman alleged that he hit her in Las Vegas this week, his response was to go on a sexist rant. While the subsequent filing of a defamation suit against said woman might clear up the ambiguity around what happened, given that the most defamatory aspect of this situation is arguably his tone-deaf response to it, the irony is thick (and apparently completely lost on Chris).

Flume shows some Skin

While starting with a few bars that sound exactly like his first album, Flume’s 3:40 preview of his forthcoming album Skin sounds excitingly ambitious for the producer with what sounds like a less maximalist, somewhat darker tone (0:44) with some great percussion throughout (1:10, 1:55, 3:40). Whether this change will mean that this year will be a reenactment of 2014 in terms of Flume’s ubiquity will have to wait until the album actually comes out, but having listened to it I am more excited than I was.

LCD Soundsystem are returning with a new LP
… and a live tour! James Murphy announced as much on the LCD website, and I’m seeing two distinct reactions to the news:

a) People who feel betrayed because five years ago, LCD tricked them into weeping during “The Long Goodbye” show at Madison Square Garden (or while watching the doco), when it wasn’t really the end

b) People who are simply delighted to hear new music

I fall into the latter camp (as do most fans, I assume), mostly thanks to the Xmas song they released two weeks back, which proves they still have it.




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