The Week in Review – Beef Special (also Dre)

Where Jack the Editor waxes about what caught his attention over the week.


An A-1 quality rap beef is good entertainment, from Meek’s initial accusation of Drake having a ghostwriter to the rapid fire memes on display at this week’s OVO Fest, it’s like we’re getting our own beef for the Annals of Rap, without the bodycount of ones past (TYBG). This is all well and good, but from a musical perspective none of these Meek Mill & Drake ‘beef’ tracks are anything special, and not really anything worth listening to outside the context of the beef. So yeah, Drake is the obvious winner from the situation, he’s arguably the biggest rapper in the world, he’s got two more tracks up on Meek, and in isolation these tunes can’t really be faulted in the way that Meek’s ‘Wanna Know’ can. When, however, we compare them to his recent output, of which ‘Know Yourself’ is a highlight, these songs don’t bang in a way that is nearly as interesting.

Despite the meme-ery and public humiliation, Meek has just had a number one album himself, and his recent tunes are close to his best; nothing on the new album quite reached the heights of his Dreamchasers work, but ‘Classic‘ and ‘I Got The Juice‘ was tight (and i’m still sour ‘B-Boy‘ didn’t make the album). Honestly, i’m far more excited for Meek’s next work given he has so much more to rap for.

But really, with the myriad, increasingly petty ways that Drizzy has been throwing shade on Meek after this decisive victory, one wonders if this horse is starting to look a little dead and Drake’s just looking for new ways to beat it. While the dust certainly hasn’t settled, maybe now’s the time that we should to heed some knowledge from Earl Sweatshirt: “listen to whoopie by lil b or read a book or something and stop acting like this beef is something that you should put energy towards.” For the interested, here’s ‘Whoopie.’

…and we didn’t forget about Dre.

Ignoring Compton: The Soundtrack’s shitty ‘Wu-tang meets the Foo Fighters‘-looking album cover, I am hopeful that Dre can come through with some knocking beats and, hopefully, drop the misogyny that blighted his otherwise formidable lyricism on The Chronic and 2001. As Warren G & Nate Dogg showed with the insanely good ‘Keep On Hustlin‘ a few days ago, g-funk is still kicking, and that’s always welcome here.


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